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Part 1: Introduction (2 of 10)

I'll start with a brief and "coarse" history of hypermedia systems. This will point to how I'm going to be using the term "integration," and set up a very current example to show just how controversial and political these issues can get.

Then I'll present a brief "guided tour" through the hypermedia systems I've been associated with over the years. This will get my biases and prejudices about integration on the table and into a historical context.

Next, in the "reflections" part of the talk, I'll revisit Frank Halasz's landmark keynote at the HT'91 conference. Those of you who were there remember how aptly he captured the state of the field. I think you'll also see how prescient that talk was, and how relevant the issues continue to be today.

Finally, I'll issue a few exhortations - some integration perspectives we ought to be pursuing today.

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