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Part 1: Introduction (10 of 10)

I want to use this example to raise a few hard questions about integration. For example, whose interests are best being served here? Imagine an alternative where Netscape and Qualcomm (producers of Eudora) form an alliance, leaving each responsible for what it does best. After all, we do see such alliances. Has someone at Netscape decided that the battle with Microsoft is better served through "colonizing" more of the desktop, in effect returning to monolithic agendas?

But we need to be very careful about casting stones here. First, I know I'm not alone in worrying about the alternative if Netscape loses the battle with Miscrosoft. But more importantly, the question of how best to support integration is hard. Clearly the standards and infrastructure have to be in place before smooth "boundary crossings" can succeed. Here's where work done in this community has so much to offer. Witness for example, the exciting open hypermedia systems workshop that took place earlier at this conference. I only hope the Microsofts and Netscapes of the world are listening.

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