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Part 4: Exhortations (1 of 18)

Alright, here's the moment where you get to ask what in the world all this history and looking back can say for what we should be doing now. Certainly, we need to bring structure to the web. Keith Instone's workshop on hypermedia research and the WWW at this conference is a first step in that direction.

What else? Well, here are three of my personal exhortations.

First, just to recapitulate, I think we need to look back at our own field for ideas that could influence current developments. Bush, Nelson, and Engelbart have gotten well-deserved attention over the years, but there are other long-lasting and significant projects in our field. To pick just one example, I'd recommend ZOG/KMS - many of their earlier ideas including their provocative UI perspectives are quite relevant today.[15]

Second, I recommend doing more of what we've long shown a talent for - looking to other fields for inspiration. Here, I will plug the cross-fertilization that is happening with digital library work.

Finally, I want to exhort you toward a somewhat different kind of integration involving community building.

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