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Part 2: Recollections (2 of 12)

I've gotten a bit of a reputation for having been the first to get a Ph.D. in hypertext.[4] But some of my colleagues used to correct me, saying I was the first to "get away with it"!

In looking back, I think two integration goals were at the heart of my thesis. One came from having been inspired by Ted Nelson's vision of Xanadu in his classic text, Computer Lib, and by Doug Engelbart's Augment project. I thought what was needed was an approach that integrated both styles of interconnecting information. At the same time, I was intrigued by the "CSCW" side of Vannevar Bush's vision - how scientists and academics distributed across networks could work together, commenting on and critiquing each others writings.

Though these two endeavors wound up taking up most of my thesis, there was one chapter in between that formed the glue between them, and is the only part of my thesis that I'm still asked about today.

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