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Part 2: Recollections (3 of 12)

I had decided that hypertext links needed "types" (really "labels") that could distinguish in what way the link was serving either as a traversible connection, a structuring means, or an argument representation. Within each of these, I mapped out a finer-grained semantics. Based on a study of published articles and peer commentaries, here was my proposal for link types in support of critique.

As it turned out, the most important issue raised by my thesis was how a link mechanism could integrate representation of relatiohnships, structure, and traversal.

One more point about my thesis that is especially interesting today: The chapter on link types was required at the end by the outside member of my committee, Dagobert Soergel, a professor from the College of Library and Information Services at the University of Maryland. In those days, "digital libraries" were the focus of study by Dagobert and others, but they had to wait just as long as we for the rest of the world to finally catch on. I'll return to the issue of learning from librarians later on.

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